UWIN 1 rząd korty łańcuch i bransoletka moda hip-hop zestaw biżuterii złoto /białe złoto 5 mm naszyjnik pełna rhinestone dla kobiet mężczyzn

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Rodzaj Metale: Cynk Stopu

Kamień Materiał: Rhinestone

Typ Zestawu: Naszyjnik/Bransoletka

Kolor: złoto,srebrny,różowe złoto

Rozmiar zestawu:8" i 16"/8" i 18" / 8" i 20"/8" i 22"/8" i 24"/8" i 26"/8" i 30"

  • Typ Towaru: Biżuteria Zestawy
  • Materiał: Rhinestone
  • Styl: Hip-Hop/Rock
  • Cienka lub fashion: Modne modele
  • Typ Metali: stop cynkowy
  • Forma\wzór: Geometryczny
  • All Inclusive Dodatkowy Opis Towaru: Naszyjnik/Bransoletka
  • marka: УВИН
  • Podłoga: Unisex
  • Przypadek: Impreza
  • Typ Biżuterii: Naszyjnik/Bransoletka

Tagi: naszyjnik dla kobiet, zestaw kobiet, nacklace srebrny, kolor na miejscu można naszyjnik, Бангл, męski naszyjnik, bransoletka męska dslr, odpiąć kołnierz, bransoletka na urodziny koleżanki, zestaw naszyjnik.

Salyan Irbis
I thought I knew everything about how the seller took care of the buyer. We refer to the terms of shipment of goods. But I really was very wrong: only today, having received this parcel this wonderful goods, I saw the real seller can take care of the buyer receive the mail quality goods! Well, judge yourself: Postal package. It's got two layers of popurka, two words of popurka box, in the box in individual bags zipper lie products and plus to this product three spare stones. I really lost my voice for a moment from the quality of this product. If it was possible to put a thousand пятизвездочных grades, then this is exactly the case, when I would certainly take this opportunity. In the end: the seller five stars, the store five stars, the product five stars, quality parcels shipment and packaging also five star, plus special thanks to the seller for being in touch with me was polite very operative, thank you very much I will order more and more
Milam 2007
Heavy and beautiful in person. Seller was also very responsive and made sure that I was happy. Very pleased with my purchase!
Came within two weeks

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